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Wishing On Planes

Wishing On Planes Release Day

Today is the day Wishing On Planes is finally released. This 9-song album features a couple of old favorites and some new material, all anxious to see the light of day. I'm very excited about this release, because the last album I released was in 1996, and a sign of the times, since it was recorded on reel-to-reel. I really hope I don't wait another 20 years to release the next one. 

I worked with Paul Opalach at Long Hill Recording, and together we set out to bring the album to life. First, I had to get over my fear of the click track. (I think they call that WhereIsTheBeatophobia.) It turned out to be surprisingly easy with Paul on percussion. We had a lot of fun creating the mood for each song, using Paul's band of talented musician personas as well as a few friends to help tell each story. It's an amazing thing to see the life of a song grow in the recording process. You just never know where it will take you.

We certainly had a lot of laughs. I even had a chauffeur one snowy morning! Paul came to pick me up so we wouldn't miss a session. I got used to Mondays at Long Hill, to the point that I miss them now. :)

The actual CDs arrive via UPS this afternoon, but the digital format is available right now on this website via the music tab, or at CDBaby. I was hoping it would be available everywhere today, but it won't hit Amazon, Apple Music or Spotify for another few days, or perhaps even weeks. Good things come to those who wait, I suppose, but not to me. I was going to wait until then to post this blog, but somehow I just couldn't. Hope you enjoy the new album. I'll have it with me at The Outer Space in Hamden on May 13.


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